USA Digital was born of entrepreneurial spirit in 1998. The opportunity was created by the Telecommunications Act which allowed for the competitive re-selling of local and long distance services to the public.

The founders leveraged the success of their call center software company, amcat, to offer call centers a one-stop-shop for long distance, data and call center technology on a national basis. USAD built an organization focused on delivering the best value and service into an industry whose brand was defined by a voice on the telephone.

USAD assembled a team of industry professionals to create the product offerings, customer services and support, billing and sales teams needed. Many of these professionals are still active within the company today...15 years on.

In 2002, USAD expanded operations into Europe via a subsidiary UK Digital, again capitalizing on the software success of sister company, amcat. The geographical dispersion and demands of our client base allowed USAD to become an early adopter of IP and multi-modal communication technologies. The successful divestiture of the software and international telecom companies has allowed the USAD management team to focus its full energies on developing products for and serving the needs of our US client base.

USAD strives to be a good solution partner. With almost 30 carrier and partner relationships, USAD is able to offer the product and price to meet our client's communication needs.